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Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time.  It is amazing how just a few support sessions can clear your mind, heart and soul.  There is no time like the present to take a new direction, heal a troubled relationship and feel good again.

A strong determination to change my own life, brought me into the world of psychotherapy.

Like you, I have been faced with many difficult life and personal challenges.  It takes a courageous person to walk through those challenges and come out the other side. You do not have to do this alone.

Meet Jane Martinez, LICSW

Whatever you bring to the table, I will be right by your side with compassion, support and a plan forward.  I have been a therapist for over twenty years. To me, it is a vocation, not just a job.  I am fully invested in your welfare at all times.

My pledge is to keep current with the latest healing modalities for your benefit.

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Besides being a loving and compassionate person, Jane offers insights and considerations that are always beneficial to me during a session. She listens and we process the information. When the session ends I feel uplifted, more equipped to deal with what I need to deal with and have more clarity about the situation. I highly recommend her!
Jane truly cares and is very genuine. She is adept at helping clients uncover and work on whatever is keeping them up at night. She also has a very unique ability to put people at ease which makes it easy to confide in her and be more open minded. I have made such life altering changes, regarding my health, love relationships and self concept. I am incredibly grateful I found her. I highly recommend Jane Martinez, she is an absolute gem of a First class psychotherapist!
"I first met Jane in May 2007 for chronic anxiety, major depression, and suicidal ideation. I had been to other therapists in the past, and I was convinced that therapy was a cold and clinical process. I often felt quite uncomfortable during sessions and was reluctant to participate. Meeting Jane was definitely a turning point. Her warmth and compassion enabled me to reveal the most vulnerable parts of myself. After our very first session, when I expressed my fear of never feeling "good" again, she ensured me that she was 100% committed to helping me achieve peace of mind and a sense of well-being. And I've never looked back. Thirteen years later, I still meet with Jane on a regular basis. She helps me identify and address underlying stressors and triggers before they escalate. My mental health has never been better, and I now run/own my own business – something I never would have dreamed possible back in 2007! Meeting with Jane doesn't feel like a therapy session. It feels more like meeting a really good (and really smart/insightful) friend for coffee. Thank you, Jane!"
"I was given Jane Martinez' name and number by my sister's friend who had called her "the real deal". I was at such a low point in my life. One more failed relationship. It wasn't just any relationship. Although I had been divorced twice, this one pierced my heart; pierced my soul. I needed to know why. I needed to find out what it was in ME that attracted me to unavailable men. Jane Martinez guided me through a journey within. A beautiful, petite, gentle, well dressed and extremely intuitive, strong woman, Jane softly encouraged me every step of the way. She showed me that it wasn't my fault; it's no one's fault really. She gave me support. She gave me the tools that I needed for self discovery...she showed me how to believe in myself. She gave me the gift of knowing how important it is to think positively and taught me that my thoughts are what attract whatever it is that I am thinking, to me. Negative thoughts attract negative circumstances. Positive thoughts attract abundance. Through her clinical education, her years of experience and more importantly, through her abilities to truly "get" where someone is coming from and genuinely knowing how to help them, Jane is someone who changes other people's lives for their higher good. I know this to be true, because she did that for me. I am grateful that my life path merged with Jane Martinez along the way. If you are searching for a better life, Jane can help you. I strongly recommend her as a therapist.

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